Retrovania | Beyond Good & Evil (PS2/XBLA/PSN)

In this second edition of Retrovania our fortnightly retrospective, we take a look back at one of Ubisoft’s greatest triumphs, the unique & much-loved action-adventure Beyond Good & Evil.

In recent years video game writers & developers have made a conscious decision to create stories & narratives driven less by mindless fiction and more by real world themes & emotions. But back in 2003, the video game landscape was a very different place.

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The Walking Dead reign supreme on XBLA downloads

Despite a lot of industry buzz and a strong opening few days, the motocross pain-fest Trials Evolution was knocked from the number one slot by Episode One of The Walking Dead last week.

The point & click/survival horror mash-up from Tell Tale Games has shown the zombie craze is far from (un)dead by becoming the most purchased game on XBLA.

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