Dishonored Dunwall City Trials Gameplay Trailer Sneaks In

With less than a week to go before its release, Bethesda & developer Arkane Studios have released some brand new footage of the first DLC content for their critically acclaimed FPS Dishonored.

Dunwall City Trials will feature ten challenge maps that will test your combat, stealth & mobility skills in ways only Dishonored can deliver. From time-trial runs to horde style waves of tallboys & weepers, the Dunwall City Trials will also include additional trophies/achievements and an online leaderboard so you can prove your cut-throat credentials to the world.

Corvo’s new playground is shaping up nicely

Looking like a cross between the Mirror’s Edge time trials & the Batman Arkham City challenge maps, the Dunwall City Trials will arrive December 11 2012 with a price tag of £3.99 for PS3 & PC users or 400 MS points for Xbox 360.

Eurogamer Expo 2012 Hands-On Preview | Dishonored

LAST WEEK at the annual Eurogamer Expo we got the chance to test drive a new IP that’s turning heads with its steampunk design style & much magic-infused murder mayhem – it can only be Arkane Studio’s Dishonored!

Of all the titles showcased at this year’s Eurogamer Expo in London’s Earls Court, Dishonored proved to be one of the most original & creative games available for demo. Imagine the first-person stealth gameplay of Thief & Chronicles of Riddick series’ lovingly mashed together the spell casting prowess of Skyrim & you’re not even halfway there!

Set in the fictional city of Dunwall, Dishonored tells the tale of Corvo Attano, a revered bodyguard to the Empress who is framed for her murder & condemned to death. Granted the chance to seek revenge on those who conspired against him by the mysterious Outsider, Corvo becomes an assassin imbued with powerful, arcane powers & sets out to deal death from the shadows.

Protagonist Corvo is a man with a grudge. And some seriously occult kit…

Like most assassin/stealth/hunter related games, Corvo isn’t built for taking on the world in a fair fight, so you’ll have a ton of easily accessible powers & weapons which can be duel wielded in which ever combination suits your play style. From crossbows & flintlock pistols to teleportation, the ability to see through walls and the nifty power of possession (as fun as it sounds!), Dishonored gives you a deadly fun-bag of tricks to wreak havoc from the darkness.

Refreshingly, Dishonored is no walk over either. Arkane Studios has made the city of Dunwall & the many guards & enemies that walk its dark paths smart & just as deadly, with enemy AI investigating suspicious noises & rushing you if you’re spotted. Dishonored is the kind of game where you’ll die. A  lot. But for every time you die you’ll learn & approach a building, location or room with a different tactic. The easily accessible list of powers & the multiple ways to take on each target makes each playthrough a unique experience.

The look & feel of Dishonored is set to be one of its unique calling cards

During our playthrough we were tasked with kidnapping a scientist who holds priceless information about one of your targets. But the blighters at the top of a heavily guarded townhouse on the quayside. You can choose to sweep across the rooftops to find a higher point of entry or dive into the waters below & use the waterwheel to enter the building from below. Dishonored is a game that really does away the conventional flat levels of an FPS & makes you think vertically as well as laterally.

Set in a world of perpetual night, developer Arkane Studios have designed a world that challenges the player to push the boundaries of what they can do in the first-person perspective: “We played with some new visual tricks to drive the player’s attention”, commented Head of Visual Design Sebastien Mitton in a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine. “Dunwall is kind of a dark place. Then you have a full colour like red or black which instantly pulls the player’s attention to some spot that he can reach. The question is: how does the player feel like he can do this or do that? But once you learn that you can do something, the next time you enter a level you’re instantly looking up, thinking ‘Okay, I can reach this roof’.

Shadows & knives? Goths & sadists rejoice!

We use the Dark Vision power to see enemies through walls, learning their routines. Next we use possession to control a nearby rat; scurrying under holes & openings the possession spell is broken & we instantly teleport to the rats new location. A nearby guard shows a suspicion indicator so we hid behind a pillar & let him enter the room. We draw our crossbow & select a non-lethal tranquilliser; one shot & he’s passed out next to the poor rat we just hijacked. Doffing its cap to last year’s underrated Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the entirety of Dishonored can be played without taking a single life (minus your assassination targets, naturally) which shows that entering & house & killing every living thing is not the point of this title. Elegance not barbarity is the name of the game.

The magical powers in Dishonored are fun squared

From rooms full of patrolling guards who joke & bicker with one another to rewiring electrical security doors, Dishonored is littered with a sense of character & creativity that’s all its own. In a genre that relies so heavily clichéd mechanics & physics, Dishonored promises to be another Bethesda gem.

We at infinite robots loved our time with this slick, first-person-assassination title, but what are you guys most looking forward to in Dishonored?


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