New Borderlands 2 DLC class to arrive next week

As Gearbox approach the end of its extensive DLC program for Borderlands 2, it’ll be introducing the sixth and newest character class: Krieg the Psycho.

Krieg’s design attributes and character powers will all be based around the iconic psycho enemies from both Borderlands titles. These abilities will include launching into crowds of enemies and health re-gens from certain kills.

Say hell to new boy Krieg.

You can pick up the Krieg the Psycho character class standalone for £6.85 or 800 MS points on May 14.

Gearbox also recently confirmed the Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC will be the final instalment pack for their open-world shooter, and will arrive June 25. On its own, the Tiny Tina DLC will set you back 800 MS points or £6.85.

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Top Five… Games on a Budget

With Christmas still fresh in our memories and the British economy still licking its financial wounds, it’s not that easy to find the cash-flow to match an appetite for gaming. Don’t look so glum though, as we’ve put together our top five games that’ll give you hours of fun and real value for money… even on a tight budget.

#5 Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

There are a lot of Lego games out there (seventeen in fact, if you’re counting across the generations), and if there’s one thing these games do well, its replay value. All of the current gen Lego games are built around the same setup, with a central hub that shoots off into whichever movie or character the game is based on. We chose the Complete Saga as it’s technically a combination of the first two Lego Star Wars titles. As such, you get six episodes, with six chapters per episode.

Think time-sink? Think Lego Star Wars.
Think time-sink? Think Lego Star Wars.

As it’s a Lego game, this is a collection fest – from red bricks that give you powers to building minikits of your favourite Star Wars vehicles, this game isn’t the kind of title you’ll wrap up in six to eight hours. To gain the coveted (read: obsessive compulsive) 100% achievement/trophy/feeling of gratification, you’re looking at 40-50 hours of character collecting and stud gathering. It’s also dead cheap, so no excuses if you’re skint.


What better time is there to take a trip to Rockstar’s revamped Liberty City than the year that GTA V finally arrives? We could’ve chosen the sprawling systems of the Mass Effect franchise or the self-torture of Dark Souls, but there is something unfathomably deep about the fourth numerical entry in Rockstar’s flagship franchise.

Need something to do? Try finding all the bloody pidgeons in GTA IV.
Need something to do? Try finding all the bloody pidgeons in GTA IV.

Even if you’ve completed every side-mission, beaten the main story, won every race and ticked off every job, there’s still a wealth of well hidden collectables scattered across Liberty City. GTA IV is the kind of game you can just cruise around the streets listening to the hours of licenced tunes or original comedy whilst the sun sets amidst the vistas of the city. It’s also not the kind of game to give up acheivements/trophies that easily, so it’s perfect for gaming on a budget. And it should give you plenty of time to prepare yourself for the gargantuan game world that will be San Andreas 2.0.s

#3 Borderlands 2

Who’d have thought an FPS could last over 50 hours in a single playthrough? The first Borderlands gave us a glimpse of an open and dangerous world in Pandora and proved a shizzle-ton of guns and some co-op gameplay could a serious fun time make. So imagine that same formula refined and tweaked by the good people at Gearbox Software? Imagine a Pandora bigger than before, teeming with lush backdrops and enough enemy types to keep even the savviest shooter vet on his or her toes?

With five character classes and a ton of DLC, Borderlands 2 is a beast.
With five character classes and a ton of DLC, Borderlands 2 is a beast.

Borderlands 2 is designed to be an endless experience, letting you redeploy your levelled character back into Pandora with more loot and tougher enemies guarding it. The levelling system, skill-trees and five separate classes make Borderlands 2 a veritable steal under £30.

#2 Football Manager 2013

Whether you love your football stats or you just get a boner for micro-management, Football Manager is a literal black hole for millions. For what is essentially a deep cavern of menus and options, the Football Manager series gives you the chance to control every facet of professional football clubs existence. From base-level finances to formations tactics mid-game, Football Manager lets you do everything save playing the match yourself (and we’ve all got FIFA or PES for that). Picking up FM12 for around £10/£15 is beyond silly for hundreds of hours as a football-sim god. Budget gaming? This is practically a steal.

FM13 is less of a game, and more of a second job (without the pay).
FM13 is less of a game, and more of a second job (without the pay).

#1 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

When you think ‘value for money’, chances are it’s wearing a horned helmet and a dwarven warhammer! The world of The Elder Scrolls V may have its bugs but you’d be hard pressed to find a gaming land as rich and populated as Skyrim. What other game can you spend over 100 hours doing nothing more than wandering around, exploring dungeons and completing the occasional side-quest and never seen the time go by?

What other game can you spend 100 hours in and not even touch the main campaign?
What other game can you spend 100 hours in and not even touch the main campaign?

Even without shelling out for the Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLC you’re looking at paying £20 for potentially hundreds of hours of dragon-hunting, skill-tree branching RPG goodness. Go forth, Dragonborn.

What are your favourite games for beating the recession blues? Let us in the comments. We might even respond, if you’re lucky

What We Want To See | Borderlands 2

This week sees the release of Borderlands 2, the much anticipated sequel to the shooter-cum-RPG sleep hit of 2009. After three years in development developer Gearbox are promising a refined & no-less crazy experience right out of the box. So as the days tick away until Friday’s release, we at infinite robots set out what we want to see in this second slice of gun-porn mayhem…

Something Approaching a Story

The first Borderlands took a lot of risks by combining FPS action with RPG levelling. But whilst Gearbox were seamlessly weaving these two genres together, some parts of the game like the narrative were left a little underdone. Despite a cast of cannibals, claptraps, bandits & aliens the story boiled down to some ghostly voice overs and numerous monsters with vaginas for faces. Freudian analysis aside, lead developer Randy Pitchford has promised that building a coherent narrative that develops throughout the game is a key focus this time around.

Can Borderlands 2 overcome the problems of the first game?

Revamped Hit Detection

Borderlands had a lot of guns. And we mean a lot of guns. But for all the shotguns with 4x damage or sniper rifles with a corrosive element there was a ton if issues with hit detection. Single shot weapons like sniper rifles & revolvers weren’t so bad but anything like assault rifles or shotguns felt more like a game of Pandoran roulette Compared to the intricate bullet physics of Halo 3: ODST (released the same year), Borderlands felt in dire need of a physics overhaul. During our hands on preview earlier this year the weapons all felt deadly, precise & more importantly different in Borderlands 2 so the signs are definitely good.

A Little Environmental Variety

To complete the main campaign & most of the side missions Borderlands will usually take around thirty hours to complete (excluding the four DLC packs). And for most of that thirty hours you’ll find yourself gunning around the same kind of environments & dungeons over & over again. If you like junkyards & sand-blasted plains then Borderlands will definitely get your boat swaying, but the for the rest of us it smacked of lazy designs. When we play-tested the game at Rezzed 2012 we shot our way through futuristic cityscapes, dockyards & rolling tundra so expect a greater focus on shifting design styles.

Expect a lot more variety to the foes of Pandora mark 2

A Balanced Mix of Enemy Types

Like bandits? Like midget bandits? Like dog-like lizard things? Like fighting a ton of these things? Well the first Borderlands is definitely for you. Go buy it now? If you like a little more variety to your enemy types then here’s hoping Borderlands 2 steps up to the plate. Whilst something like Halo or Call of Duty use similar enemy types across their campaigns, these missions tend to be linear and timed to keep the action focused & fast-paced. By stripping away that safety net of linearity Borderlands became a huge set of maps littered with various mixes of the same enemy types. It’s a tough problem to overcome but after three years in development here’s hoping Gearbox have found a way to spice things up a bit.

We can’t wait to unleash hell in Pandora once more time…

More of the Same!

Ultimately, for all its niggling flaws Borderlands is still a unique FPS experience. No other shooter combines RPG & shooter elements in a way that transcends the single-player & multiplayer divide. Brink valiantly tried to do the same thing, but even all these years later Borderlands is still an addictive experience solo & with friends. If Borderlands 2 can retain that character & design style we all know from the first game & revitalise it with some new ideas & concepts then we could have a contender for game of the year.

Borderlands 2 is released in Europe for PC, Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3 this Friday. So is Borderlands 2 on your to-do list for 2012? Or is it just not for you? Let us know in the comments below. Keep it infinite!

Game Pre-order bonuses 2012

With the lack of any notable big game releases in the summer, we are here to bring you the per-order bonuses for the blockbuster titles everyone is waiting for. We’ve combed the web for the cheapest prices so you don’t have to. All game prices shown are Xbox360, expect the PS3 prices to be the same and any PC  versions to be cheaper… That’s just the way it goes.

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Review | Rezzed Games Expo 2012

Rezzed in it’s inaugural year, was a PC and indie game show presented by & Rock, Paper, Shotgun and took place in Brighton on the 6th & 7th of July. As Infinite Robots is only young, this was also the first game event that we’ve attended, so it’s fair to say that both us and the Rezzed team were nervous about how the event would pan out.  Nerves were out of the window when the doors opened and we at Infinite Robots had a great time. The event was a huge success with plans already in the pipeline for 2013. Although, over a week old now, here is Infinite Robots review on the event, late I know but we do have day jobs to attend…unfortunately.

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The infinite robots Preview | Rezzed 2012

This year sees the arrival of the UK’s first high-profile PC & Indie game centric expo, Rezzed! Brought to you by the great guys at &, Rezzed 2012 will bring together some of the biggest upcoming PC titles such as Borderlands 2 & Far Cry 3 and some of the brightest, most exciting games in indie development.

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