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About us

Infinite Robots first saw the light out of day in May of 2012 when two dedicated and passionate gamers happened to meet one faithful day at their day job. Dom, a trained journalist and Shaun a full time tech-head, had always dreamed of contributing to the rich and varied games industry. So they thought “Screw it. Let’s make our own site & bring our own unique take to the table”. So that’s what we did.

We know there are a veritable ton of video game sites out there, but our aim is to give our readers something a little different. We do post news & updates daily but our real focus are features, interviews & investigative pieces that are unique to our site, our writers & our style. We’re not hear to preach from on high, instead we want to start the gaming conversation going so don’t be afraid to join the site & get commenting!

Keep it infinite!

The infinite robots Team


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