New GTA V character trailer

We all know Rockstar like to drip-feed their audiences, but as if to soothe the wound of having GTA V delayed until September (from it’s original release date this month), the Grand Theft Auto devs have released three separate character trailers for the price of one.

As reported previously, GTA V will follow the black-humoured journey of three different main characters. There’s Michael the family man come mobster, the gang-banger-with-dreams-of-a-better-life Franklin and all-round mental case Trevor.

Paint us excited…
Paint us excited…

It’s not clear yet how these stories will be presented, but the trailer shows the there will be distinct crossovers across each ‘campaign’. It’s also nice to see Rockstar shooting for a more realistic presentation – a la Max Payne 3.

Check out all the GTA V goodness below and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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