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Injustice: Gods Among Us | A Fighter’s Guide – Part One

The new beat-em-up from NetherRealm Studios may have divided critics, but we recently reviewed Injustice: Gods Among Us and loved it’s bold decision to do something a little different. So, whether you’re a seasoned fighter or a newbie to the scene, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to get you swinging like true meta-human.

Arcade Stick or Controller?

It’s the age-old question when it comes to beat-em-ups, but there’s no one true answer. It’s all down to personal preference. Yes, using a fight stick might seem the ‘pro’ way to do it, but many of the world’s best pro fighters use a standard PS3 or 360 controller. When choosing between either peripheral, try to strike a balance between comfort and ease of button access. You’ll be tensing your hands a great deal more with a fighting game so choosing the right controller is central to improving. If you do settle on a fight stick, you don’t need to pay the earth for one either.

Do your research before sinking some cash into a fight stick
Do your research before sinking some cash into a fight stick

You can pick up a Datel Arcade Pro Joystick (£37.38 – Amazon) or a Hori Officially Licenced Fighting Stick Mini 3 (£34.99 – Amazon), both of which are reasonably priced and a great entry-level device for novices or intermediate players looking to make the shift to a stick. Don’t just plump for a stick because it’s branded; know your brand and look around for buttons or sticks if you want to customise your pad.

Know your character

While it’s easy to get caught up in a big roster (Injustice currently has 24 characters to choose from, with another four to be added as DLC), settling on one or two fighters is key to improving as a player. The Story Mode is a great place to try out a few of the characters on offer, but use Practice mode and Single Battle to test out a fighter’s style and move list. You might dream of being Batman, but more obscure characters like Deathstroke or Raven could be the one for you.

Getting to know a character's speed, moves and characteristics is vital
Getting to know a character’s speed, moves and characteristics is vital

Each character also has a Power Trait, which differs widely across the roster. Batman can summon a swarm of robotic bats that can be fired at an opponent or spun into a deadly attack. Nightwing has a fighting stick that can be used whole or broken into two electrified batons. Doomsday and Lex Luthor can increase their armour, and Superman can briefly increase the damage he can deal out. These traits are another great facet to this game, so have a little mess about with the roster until you find the character that suits your play style best.

Health bar tactics

Unlike many fighters, Injustice doesn’t use a ‘round’ system. Instead, each match up is simplified into a single fight, with each character starting with a red health bar and a silver armour bar. Once an armour bar has been depleted, you’ll see a familiar echo effect and hear your character taunt their opponent. They’ll be a brief pause before the action resumes, so use this to regroup your strategy.

The dual health bar of Injustice is one of its calling cards
The dual health bar of Injustice is one of its calling cards

Keep in mind that the damage from a single move, supermove, transition or combo does not carry across the two health bars. For instance, if you’re opponent’s armour bar was almost depleted, and you hit them with your supermove, the damage will only extend as far as the health bar your opponent is currently on. So a move that would normally deal 33 per cent damage, could net as little as 5 per cent. Use your power move or a strong strike to force your opponent into their second health bar before switching to a move or combo that uses your Super Metre.

So that’s just some of the things you can do to get to grips with the over-the-top madness of Injustice: Gods Among Us. In a few days we’ll be posting Part Two of our Fighters Guide, where we’ll discuss using the Super Metre, Super moves and turning transitions to your advantage.

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