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Easy Windows Phone Achievements

Easy Windows Phone Achievements
Easy Windows Phone Achievements

Easy Windows Phone Achievements

As you may know, we love our Windows Phones at Infinite robots and we wont stop until everybody owns one.  We also love our Xbox live achievements. So naturally we’ve put the two together and compiled a nice list of easy, achievable 200G to boost your gamer score.

Roll in the Hole


We’re promised, “Super-addictive, family-fun adventure!” but what we get is a fat panda rolling all over the place trying to retrieve his stolen lollipops. They wonder why child obesity is such a problem. Don’t worry kids, just roll around and you’ll get your treats. For 79p this is the cheapest and easiest 200g possible. Can just about keep you entertained for the couple of hours needed to complete.

Roll in the Hole 200x300 Easy Windows Phone Achievements

Doodle God


A truly brilliant and unique concept where you start with the 4 basic elements and mould them as if you were, well, God.

Without the Achievement guide, this could take a long time to complete which isn’t such a bad thing as this was a pleasure to play, but if your looking for a quick fix then check out the guide below.

Achievement guide

Doodle God 199x300 Easy Windows Phone Achievements



The Monopoly you know and love at a nice expensive price (Welcome to Windows Phone). Relive them Christmas mornings of family feuds on your Windows phone. I suggest looking out for this on deal of the week, 200g easily unlocked if you change the settings.

Monopoly 300x180 Easy Windows Phone Achievements



You’ve seen it all before with Bejeweled and Hex. Just don’t waste £2.29 on this, another one to watch out for on deal of the week.

Very easy 200g.

Collapse 180x300 Easy Windows Phone Achievements



An instant classic of the mobile generation with it’s easy to learn but hard to master gameplay.

Not the easiest of 200g on this list, but trying to master this game is enjoyable and well worth the full price. Guide below if your boring.

Achievement Guide

Implode 300x180 Easy Windows Phone Achievements



ilo and milo have some serious geographical issues, consistently loosing each other. It’s like their using Google maps or something. Help them find each-other with this brilliantly made, quirky but cute game with a worthwhile soundtrack.

Achievement Guide

ilomilo 300x180 Easy Windows Phone Achievements

Fruit Ninja


The best way to get your 5-a-day. Release your inner ninja on the unsuspecting fruit for maximum gamer score.

Some tricky Achievements here but nothing to taxing.

Fruit Ninja 300x180 Easy Windows Phone Achievements

So there we have it, for now. A nice 1400 gamer score for a small price and little effort.

Let us know if there’s any games you think should be on this list

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